Hi I'm Belinda a Foot Health Practitioner and Business Coach to Foot Health Practitioners

Business Coaching For Foot Health Practitioners

Belinda's objective is to help you build your Foot Health Business to be stable and resilient whether you are a new practitioner just starting out or an established practitioner looking to revamp your business

A Foot Health Practitioner herself since 2004 Belinda has built a strong and resilient Foot Health business herself and now shares her knowledge though a membership option. 

Short courses will also soon to be available. 

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Business Coaching for FHP's with Belinda Billinge - Community Hub

Available Contents

One Of 1-2-1 Call

Up to 60 Mins One Off 1-2-1 Call with Belinda

If you feel that a one off 1-2-1 call with Belinda would be helpful to you to work through a specific issue or problem then this is for you.  You will get up to an hour of Belinda's time to discuss whatever you need. 

(Included as part of the Membership Package)

If you are not sure if this would be helpful to you contact Belinda to discuss

How To Get Your Foot Health Business Started - Sole Practitioner

Starting as a sole trader is the most common way for a Foot Health Practitioner to start their business.  It is the most straightforward way to get started as a new business owner.  

Within this training you will learn the initial steps needed to get your foot health business as a sole trader under way, including choosing your trading name as well as how to register as a sole trader and informing HMRC correctly. 

This training is comprehensive and in-depth providing you with a full step by step guide to getting your business started as a sole trader  

(Included as part of the Membership Package)

Membership Package

A wide and growing library of resources for use by all members.  All paid for trainings and courses are available to members for no additional charge. 

Find out more here https://www.fhpcoachingacademy.co.uk/membership 

Foot Health Advertising and Insurances

A  course on Insurance Information along with Advertising & Getting Your First Customers

(Included as part of the Membership Package and How To Get Your Foot Health Business Started - Sole Practitioner)

Working Out Fees

How to work out your fees per patient using Belinda's method

(Included as part of the Membership Package)


Guide to the General Data Protection Regulations

(included as part of the Membership Package)

Website Build

Need a Website?  Belinda Can Help! 

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